Castoro de Oro Estate Winery

to taste, be wise

In BC our wines are available in Private Liquor Stores, Restaurants and Hotels and Resorts only. At any given time, numerous private liquor stores carry our wine, however due to the ever changing shelf space at private liquor stores we cannot provide an accurate list of CURRENT liquor store wine availability. With that said you can go into your favourite private liquor store and ask if they have your favourite Castoro de Oro Wine and if not perhaps they will bring it in for you. 

In Alberta there is a very accurate website and a small FREE APP for your phone or tablet, both Android and iOS, simply search “Liquor Connect” in your app store.
The Liquor Connect Website or Liquor Connect App allows Albertans to search for any alcohol product sold in the province, including our wines released in Alberta. 
The website or app will even show you the nearest store to your present location be it your home, work or other.

Merlot  **Now Avail in 2 sizes! 

750 mL Prod# BC 604439 OR 754226 AB 778355 OR 777837 SK 22849        
375 mL Prod# BC & AB 29157

BIG Merlot! Beautiful rich colour, delicious plum, boysenberry, raspberry, black cherry, clove, nutmeg & vanilla notes. Complex, ages extremely well!

"I do love my Okanagan merlots... Jelly fruits of plum and currant with sage, pepper spice, clove and a garrigue surprise, Big fruits and a fine balance of tannin and acid should drink well (now), but also with a few more years in the cellar." TOM FIRTH picked as one of top 23 wines to drink in Alberta for 2017 <- LINK HERE THE ONLY BC TABLE WINE TO MAKE THIS PRESTIGIOUS LIST!!

TOP VALUE MERLOT, Alberta Beverage Awards 2016, GOLD - ALL CANADIAN 2015, FAIRMONT HOTEL MACDONALD PRIVATE LABEL (in room, harvest room & banquets), BRONZE  - BEST OF BC 2015, BRONZE - GOLD MEDAL PLATES  2015  (YEG), NUMEROUS PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS Including Rocky Mountain F&W 2016 Runnerup BEST RED, Fairmont Palliser Hotel 375mL in-room.
BTG Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver & Shangri La Vancouver.

Crimson Rhapsody®  **Now Avail in 2 sizes! 

750 mL Prod# BC & AB 659029      
375 mL Prod# BC 764639 

BIG RED BLEND of Merlot, SYRAH, Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon.  Crimson, a rich deep red colour inclining to purple. Rhapsody, an improvisational medley or blend; and euphoric, rapturous emotion. These words perfectly describe this elegant blend. Full-bodied, fruity flavours of black plum, blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry with spicy notes of pepper, black olive & coffee. Tank fermented/aged then French oak for 18 months. 

Only two vintages released so far, the first one sold out so fast we didn't enter it for anything and the new one, as a brand new release, won Winefest 2017 CALGARY People's Choice Award  BEST RED, $20-$30 category AND  Winefest 2017 EDMONTON People's Choice Award  BEST RED, $20-$30 category. We were very pleased it swept Winefest 2017 and was selected as BEST RED in BOTH Calgary and Edmonton! 

Pinot Noir 

750 mL Prod# BC & AB 685891  OR   BC & AB 062711

Go ahead, pour in a glass! The colour is medium dark crimson red with a classical light texture. Swirl the wine, and the nose is lifted with notes of cherry, rhubarb, black tea, spicy cedar. Take a sip, on the palate it is soft with refreshing acidity, medium body and fine subtle tannins.

SILVER - National wine Awards of Canada 2016, Bronze - All Canadian Wine Championships of Canada 2015, Numerous People's Choice Awards Including BEST OVERALL RED East Kootenay Wine Festival.

Pinot Duetto Rosé                   

750 mL Prod# BC & AB 194225  SK 22038

This bold rosé acts like a light-hearted red. The colour is cherry and the vivid palate reminiscent of cherry liqueur supported by lip-smacking acidity and peppery tannins. Calls for grilled salmon, beef or charcuterie board.  

4 out of 5 stars   - Michael Botner Okanagan Life

Chardonnay Unoaked  **Now Avail in 2 sizes! 

750 mL Prod# BC 791632 OR BC & AB 796375     
375 mL Prod# BC 392639 AB 792639  

DRY (0) Our vines were planted 36 years ago in 1980, making them some of the oldest Chardonnay still in production in BC’s Okanagan Valley Golden Mile. When this exquisite white wine is poured in a glass, the ripe fruit aromas jump out of the glass followed by flavours of apple, pear, peach and mango followed by a crisp citrus on the finish. Grown on well-drained alluvial soils, these vines are carefully man-aged with controlled irrigation and precision viticulture, resulting in vibrant and beautifully balanced fruit. The grapes are picked at optimum ripeness that bring out the best fruit and body, while still retaining a mid-level acid structure for balance and zest.

FAIRMONT HOTEL MACDONALD PRIVATE LABEL (375mL in room) and Shangri La Vancouver (375mL in room). Up until 2017 our chardonnay was mostly sold only in our own wine shop.


750 mL Prod# BC 682120 OR BC 884452       

DRY (0) Unusually dry for Gewürztraminer.  Huge bouquet of rose petal, lychee and honey backed by flavours of lychee, grapefruit, pineapple, peach, apricot, mandarin orange and spice finish.

Smaller batch, mostly sold only in our own wine shop.

Heart of Gold®   

750 mL Prod# BC 886945 OR 285320 AB 285320           

DRY (0) Surprizingly unique WHITE BLEND of Pinot Blanc, Vidal, Siegfried & Viognier. What do you get when you take 4 great Okanagan Golden Mile white grape varieties, ferment and finish independently, then carefully blend them to allow each to add just the right amount of their own unique flavour and characteristics to the finished blend? You get right to the “Heart” of this renowned grape growing terroir known as “The Golden Mile”. Thus, “Heart of Gold”! It exhibits a wide variety of fruit flavours and aromas, and the finish is a slight cotton candy note of the unusual siegfried grape and balanced acidity!

FAIRMONT HOTEL MACDONALD PRIVATE LABEL (375mL in room and 750mL in the harvest room & banquets) Judges’ Selection - Best White Blend, Alberta Beverage Awards 2014.

Pinot Blanc     

750 mL Prod# BC 350249 OR 473017 AB 765002            

DRY (0) Pinot Blanc isn't Gris, it's more mineral, firm, fuller bodied and savory. Delicate fruit aromas followed by flavours of apple, pear, peach and apricot followed by crisp citrus on the finish. A very easy wine to pair with food or drink by itself.

Available by the glass (BTG) at Fairmont Waterfront (Vancouver) now and for the last three vintages in a row.

Radiant Rhapsody   

750 mL Prod# BC 569970 AB 790000            

OFF DRY (7 g/L) White Bordeaux Blend with a twist!  Crisp Sémillon and LUSH sweet Sauv. Blanc combine to delight the palate with a slightly off dry fruit forward flavour and full mouth-feel. Great balance with citrus finish.

First vintage released in late 2016. As a brand new release, won Winefest 2017 CALGARY People's Choice Award  BEST WHITE runner up,  <$20 category.


750 mL Prod# BC 755116           

DRY (0)  Powerfully aromatic with a curious cotton candy note. Only a handful of North American wineries grow Siegfried. This German grape is a Riesling cross.
NOT to be confused with siegerrebe which is a totally different german cross of Gewurz.

Smaller batch, with a very rare exception ONLY sold in our own wine shop, and only rarely released as pure varietal as usually all our siegfried goes into Heart of Gold.


750 mL Prod# BC 665216            

DRY (0) Delicate aromas of apricot, apple peel with minerals and a dash of sweet spice.
Mouth-wateringly zesty on the palate with loads of green apple and fresh citrus flavours.

Smaller batch, ONLY sold in our own wine shop (very rare exceptions), and only rarely released as pure varietal as most years it all goes into Heart of Gold.


750 mL Prod# BC 034736            

DRY (0) Particularly fragrant bouquet of peach, apricot and orange blossom. Flavours of peach, guava, tangerine and slight honey. 

Smaller batch, ONLY sold in our own wine shop, and only rarely released as pure varietal as usually all our viognier goes into our Heart of Gold blend.