Castoro de Oro Estate Winery

to taste, be wise

Castoro de Oro Estate Winery is pet friendly, but there are rules;

1.) Not all people like pets in the wine tasting room, so if there are other people inside please ask.
(smell, noise, hair)

2.) ALL pets, including Dogs and Cats, must be leashed at all times (or in a crate/carry bag) 
     on our property for several reasons:

A.) Most important is our proximity to Highway 97.

B.) It is our farm and home and that is the way we want it, period.

C.) We have a beloved welsh terrier dog as a family member who we may not want your pet(s) to interact with. 

3.) Please be sure to pick up after them and make sure they are not bothering other customers.

There is a shovel to use for poop pick up, ask us where it is and where to put the poop. 
(please don't pick up poop in a plastic bag unless you plan to take it with you, as we don't want that in our garbage)

We do love animals and we want them to be able to stretch their legs and be outside the hot car so even if they are not welcomed inside the wine shop if it's too crowded or other people object we have other areas they are welcome!

Under the walnut tree: we have a great shady place with a water dish where dogs & cats can hang out while you are wine tasting, you can even see your best friend from inside the wine shop to make sure they are okay. To ensure water bowl cleanliness, when you arrive you may bring in the water dish and have it exchanged for a clean full bowl in our wine shop.

After your wine tasting, you can have a glass of wine (or share a bottle) with a lunch you bring, in our picnic area, where dogs are welcome!