Castoro de Oro Estate Winery

to taste, be wise

The Family, at Castoro de Oro Estate Winery
We've been around the block (okay, more than one) in the winery business. We started the winery in January of 2006, opened our wine shop in April of 2006. We have seen a lot, done a lot, worked hard and drank a lot of wine. Family owned, we grow grapes, make wine, sell wine and all the rest of what is involved in operating a winery, we are farmers who love a down to earth lifestyle. 

Our business philosophy is to make 100% BC wine at the best price/taste ratio for ordinary people, or rich and famous people with impeccable taste, to drink as part of their ‘everyday’ life. This is where we state, we’re supposed to, that wine is to be enjoyed in moderation and if you have a drinking problem seek professional help. Creating great BC wine at the best price means we are not interested in arbitrarily inflating our prices so that our wine becomes a trophy, you know the kind of wine you can’t really afford to drink, which is dusted off and brought out only when it’s a special occasion or when important guests (wine snobs) visit. We think we’ve achieved a fabulous balance between price and taste/quality and the top value awards and reviews mean at least some of the wine judges and wine critics agree. We endeavour to buy local, support local and be local like many other people, and we’d like all Canadians to be able to enjoy local BC wine. 

We make the wines ourselves we don’t hire winemakers with a big name to garner the attention of wine critics. We don’t spend a fortune on glossy advertising and we haven’t gotten into the bank for a mortgage to have huge buildings with impressive architecture, but hey, that stuff has to be paid for and the cost goes into the price of the bottle! Instead we keep our costs lower, make fantastic wines and sell them at a fair price. We’re proud when we see our wines in upscale resorts and are incredibly proud of our relationship with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, and just as proud to see our wines enjoyed at the beach or on a dock… or just after a long day.

Bruno Kelle

Co-owner, winemaker, vineyard management and wholesale salesman 
plus big idea guy.

Born & raised in Tillsonburg ON

Likes music, playing guitar,
hanging out with his three kids (adults now) 
and playing soccer with the dog.

Stella Schmidt

Co-owner, asst. winemaker, business manager and wine shop personality
plus small details woman.

Born & raised in Calgary, AB

Likes gardening, reading, music, and
hanging out with Walnut the 
Welsh Terrier and training dogs.

Kurtis Kelle

Part-time; cellar rat, vineyard, wine shop, event server and all round help.

Born in Tillsonburg ON, Calgary a few years,
then grew up at Castoro de Oro!

Likes playing guitar, harmonica, mandolin,
riding his motorbike and leatherworking.


Winery greeter extraordinaire, snuggle bunny and sanity break.

Darwyn's Walnut Rhapsody, d.o.b. Jan 27, 15
Born in Mission BC raised at Castoro de Oro!

Likes playing fetch, chasing water from the 
hose, long walks and meeting new people.