Castoro de Oro Estate Winery

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A Canadian Tribute, 
Castoro de Oro  Estate Winery  

♦  Golden Mile  ♦  Oliver  
♦  Okanagan Valley  ♦  British Columbia  ♦  Canada

 Castoro de Oro's name (pronounced CASS-TOR-OH  DEE  OR-OH) and label pays homage to its vineyard’s special terroir and the founding of the nation of Canada.

Award winning wines –always handcrafted from pure South Okanagan, British Columbia grapes. Rosé, white blends Heart of Gold and Radiant Rhapsody, a bold red blend Crimson Rhapsody, many pure varieties of white and red wines and a unique style of dessert wine. With a hands-on approach, family owner operators facilitate every step of the process, from grape to glass. Currently, our wines may be found in; British Columbia restaurants, hotels and private liquor stores, Alberta liquor stores, restaurants and private labelled for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, and Saskatchewan liquor stores.

Castoro de Oro wines have won numerous prestigious awards but remain reasonably priced, retailing at about $18 – $26 dollars taxes included, and consistently over perform in price to taste evaluations and have won numerous awards regarding best value or top value. 

The "old vine", planted in 1980, Castoro de Oro Estate Vineyard is located in the famed Golden Mile and has a unique soil combination from alluvial deposit, southeast aspect with excellent exposure to sunshine resulting in full flavour and aroma development. The vineyard slope with the lake at the foot, providing excellent frost drainage, keeps the vines safe from late spring or early fall frost problems, allowing the grapes to ripen fully. The vines are planted to the foot of a mountain, which provides evening shade, resulting in a rapid cool-off during summer, which prevents the grape acids from dropping and results in a fine balance between ripe, sweet fruit and firm, clean acidity. All of which is an ideal foundation for growing superior grapes. White and red grapes grow equally well in this class one grape growing terroir and enables the production of terrific wines of many types in a wide range of styles. 

And the answer to the question, how did the winery name and label come about and what does it mean. In a nutshell, it’s a tribute to what makes the vineyard special - terroir and the country of Canada. 

Beavers are one of nature's most intelligent creatures, with an ability to make changes to the landscape that is secondary only to man. The beavers built dams, flooding and ultimately changing the environment which had a large impact on the land in the Okanagan Valley – both in soil changes and in helping create the lake, river, lake, which happens all the way down the valley. One of the lakes, beavers helped to create, is located at the base of the Castoro de Oro Estate Vineyard. This small lake provides excellent frost drainage and lengthens the growing season. Mirror Lake differentiates the Castoro de Oro Estate Vineyard from all the other Golden Mile vineyards and this combined with the other fantastic Golden “de Oro” Mile grape growing attributes makes the vineyard one of the very best in the entire Okanagan Valley.   

The early settlers’ search for gold “Oro” led to the beaver’s vast contribution to the history of the nation; the then-booming fashion industry’s need for top hats and fur collars made of beaver felt and fur ultimately resulted in what soon became called the  “soft gold” industry which allowed settlers to thrive. This helped formally establish the country, and this is why the noble beaver is Canada’s national animal. Now, deservedly so, the dapper, top hat wearing, beaver “castoro” mascot appears on every old-photograph styled label. 

Our winery name, Castoro de Oro Estate Winery, is a blend of Latin based languages; and was chosen to be phonetically “sound out able” by Canadians.

Release of special CANADA 150 wines. Castoro de Oro Estate Winery is excited to have received official license for the CANADA 150 logo and simply delighted to participate and assist in Canada’s Sesquicentennial Birthday Celebration. Castoro de Oro’s winery name was inspired by the Country of Canada and how it was founded and every label has proudly exhibited, the beaver, Canada’s National Animal, therefore it is with great pride that we showcase 150 years of Confederation with custom labels for our wine. All of our wines are 100% British Columbia Canada grown, handcrafted, aged and packaged. Please raise a glass to our fine country, Cheers!